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In spite of all the intense polarization in the publishing world, picture books interestingly find themselves in a very unique position. With  visually rich content, the picture book form has innovative and creative potential in both traditional and digital platforms.

At! I curate a topic on picture book related news, resources and updates about explorations in the digital space. With all the frenzy surrounding kids apps and ebooks and the market growing rapidly, the quality and creativity levels of many of them still leave a lot to be desired. But just like in print, there are also examples of really exciting work that plays to the strengths of the platform and offers an experience that the other can’t deliver.

However different digital appears to its print predecessor, the key to success appears to be exactly the same — first, you need a great story.



  1. Thanks again for featuring our infographic and our post about Kindle’s KF8 eBook format!

    • Gayathri

      You’re welcome! They were very informative posts :)

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