The (re)cycle of life and art

Mar 10, 2013 by

Our household gets a lot of cardboard and brown paper bags. From deliveries to packages, there is no dearth of us running down and up, to and from the recycling bins in our apartment complex. Given that I’m already obsessed with not wasting paper, and working on pieces and scraps till I have no white space left, it was only a matter of time before I decided to give cardboard a go.

It makes complete sense. I don’t need to buy more paper. You can use any form of dry or wet media on it since it it’s thicker than most papers and much cheaper than using canvas. Well, free actually in this case. And I love the rough texture and color; it makes for a more interesting base to work with. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!



So I decided to flatten up a box that arrived yesterday. It brought a surprise delivery of  the latest book by  one of my favorite illustrators, Quentin Blake.


Just as I sat down at my desk, the sun decided to arrive. In the first week of March? In Seattle? That certainly doesn’t happen every day. So delicious! I took that as a cue to get started, and grabbed some cheap oil pastels I had lying around. Yellow, of course.



I’m going to work on this some more, and have a follow-up post with whatever comes out of this little experiment. I’m already brewing up a story too.

But it’s nice to think that a box that brought art home, will soon become art itself.



  1. Ramya

    You know what, your drawing style actually reminds me a lot of Quentin Blake’s books. There is something very endearing about his scratchy drawings. :)

    And it is always fun to peek into an artist’s workspace – thanks for letting us in!

    • Gayathri

      Wow; thanks much! Little bitty me is very humbled by that compliment. I love Quentin Blake’s illustration style too; so dynamic and quirky. I’m also very fond of working with pen and ink.
      You’re very welcome. Keep coming by :)


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