What is it about picture books?


Is it just me?

Or have you also read picture books that are far more moving, hilarious and downright brilliant compared to so much ‘literature’ considered worth owning?  So evocative in their simplicity and imaginative in their visual language, my fascination with them is only increasing.  And so we come to the reason behind this blog: a place to pour, distill and share my passion for this form, and my experiments with it.

On that note, let’s get this lab open and some work started. Standby!




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  1. AWESOME!!!

  2. Gayathri

    Thank you! Hope to keep seeing you here :)

  3. Ramya

    Hi Gayathri! Harish’s post on FB brought me here. Harish and I were in grad school together.

    Congratulations on your new blog! I love the idea behind your lab and cannot wait to see how it shapes up. I am a graphic designer and I share your excitement when it comes to picture books! I have been toying with the idea of making one myself and your blog might have just nudged me to give it a serious shot. You definitely have a regular visitor in me as you get your hands dirty in the mesmerizing world of picture books! Wish you the very best!

    You may have heard of these already, but here are a few links I visit for inspiration, idle browsing and everything inbetween:


  4. Gayathri

    Thanks so much Ramya! Great to find a kindred spirit. Let’s hope this excites you enough to start your own. Shouldn’t be any dearth of people championing the cause :)

    All great links and resources; I know and follow them! Looking forward to many an interesting conversation and discussion here!

  5. pallavi

    hi gayu,lovely blog and a great idea.
    i loved the way u have u did your storytelling.
    all the best.

    • Gayathri

      Thanks so much Pallu!

  6. Tam

    This is great Gayu!! Love it and I’m very excited. Great stuff. Proud of you. Hugs.

    • Gayathri

      Thanks, di! Watch this space — there’s more coming :)

  7. Chrishelle

    Sooooo excited to see this Gayathri! :) and couldn’t agree more as a fellow ‘adult’ (supposed?!? :P) who is fascinated with the love for and hoarding of them picture books! 😀

    • gayathribashi

      Thanks for coming by, Chrishelle! And yaay to more picture book enthusiasts :) Hope this turns out to be a fun place for you to hang around, contribute to, and enjoy!

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